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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pepper Foam vs. Pepper Gel

The difference between pepper foam and pepper gel: Pepper foam shows where it is actually being sprayed on the attacker. Also, it clings to the attacker's face. The more the attacker tries to wipe the foam off, the more the foam gets rubbed into the eyes. Pepper gel works exactly like the pepper foam, yet its effectiveness is much better than the pepper foam. It is stickier and harder to remove. The gel is a little more expensive than the foam. Now, as far as the Mace Pepper Batons and the ASP Defenders go, both seem to have the same function, just under a different name. There seems to be a slight difference, however. ASP Defenders come in many different sizes while Mace Pepper Batons do not come in quite as many. They are both just as effective and usually use the same ingredients.


Ken said...

If you are worried about spraying wildly creating a lot of overspray, you may want to consider a Mace Pepper Gel.

A great product for keeping thugs at bay and keeping overspray to a minimum.

Kim Smith said...

Thank you for the excellent information. I often wondered what the difference was in the form and gel. I think I will be replacing my current and going with the gel. I purchased all the women in my family a duress alarm . I hope they never actually need to use it but if they do it's there and could save their life.