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Friday, September 12, 2008

Personal Alarms: Don't Leave Home Without Them

It's late at night and you just got off your nightshift job. You're walking to your car and hear someone's walking behind you. Good thing your father gave you that Personal Alarm with Flashlight for your protection. You have it handy in your coat pocket so keep your hand on it just in case. He approaches you...pull the pin...Piercing Noise....he runs away. Whew! That was close. Good thing you had that personal alarm with flashlight; and you thought you'd never use it. Not only that but the flashlight comes in handy when getting into your car or home in the dark.

A friend of mine gave one of these to her college student daughter and her daughter thought it was silly and wouldn't carry it. I just thought it was ridiculous. Why not give yourself some kind of protection if you don't know self defense and don't want to carry a real weapon like a Kubotan or Mace Pepper Spray or something. At least carry something to scare someone off. It could make a big difference in your personal safety and security. Protect your loved ones and enable them with one of these personal security devices. You'll be happy they have one.

Personal Alarm With Flashlight