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Monday, January 21, 2008

Kubotan Use

Here's a great video I found on Youtube demonstrating the use of Kubotans in action. Wikipedia defines Kubotans as "The Kubotan (sometimes spelled Kubaton) or self-defense keychain, is a close-combat self-defense weapon. It is essentially a shortened Yawara, usually 5.5 - 6 inches (14 - 15.25cm) long and slightly thicker than a marker pen. Typically attached to a keyring for convenience and concealment, the kubotan appears to be an innocuous key fob to the untrained eye. Often it is carried instead of or as a complement to pepper spray, with the advantage that it does not deplete or backfire due to wind direction." (More)

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1 comment:

Aiyana said...

If the owner knows what to do it'll do some damage. I got lone worker alarms for my employees and flashlights. Hopefully they are happy with that.